Joint Applied Mathematics and Statistics Seminar 27.4.

Speaker: Tomi Haanpää (Finn-Power)

Title: ”Solving Optimization Problems in Sheet Metal Industry”

Abstract: ”Most of us have seen e.g. metal elevator doors, metal mail boxes, metal design furnitures like shoe boxes and other metal covers created for devices and machines in various places. The products mentioned are results from assemblies of different parts bended and cut from sheet metals. Before a laser machine or a punch machine or a shear machine can cut parts from sheets, many demanding optimization problems like ’tooling’, ’nesting’ and ’cutting orders’ must be solved. In this seminar talk, those problems are discussed from an algorithm developer point of view. That is, to introduce real life constraints the developer may face, differences between automatic and interactive methods, and what kind of practical and theoretical things the developer can or must take into account when he or she is implementing solvers for such problems.”

Time: 12:15
Place: Lecture Hall XVI (Quantum 1st floor)

All interested are very welcome!

For more information on the seminar and future schedule is here.