Joint Applied Mathematics and Statistics Seminar 31.10

Date: 31.10.2016, Monday
Room: Quantum M2
Time: 10:15-12:00

Ph.D. Evgeny Gurevsky from University of Nantes, France will give a talk titled

”Some contributions to combinatorial problems of risk handling with budget constraint and controllable data”


The principal object of this presentation are recently introduced combinatorial problems of risk handling, which were investigated within the framework of routing and network design. Earlier publications explore the following two tasks: total risk minimization and constrained risk problems. They have been proven to be either polynomially or pseudo-polynomially solvable.

Our main contribution deals with extending and improving the results obtained earlier. Namely, at first we show that the studied problems are also polynomially (resp. pseudo-polynomially) solvable for a new class of risk functions that is larger than that presented before. Secondly, we suggest an original resolution approach that outperforms, in terms of running time, the algorithms developed earlier. Finally, based on the suggested approach, we show how to find a set of efficient (Pareto optimal) solutions of a bi-criteria version of the considered problems.

All interested are very welcome!