Statistical counseling

Contact person

Lecturer Jouko Katajisto acts as the contact person for statistical counseling and documents contacts and their topics. In this way, we get comprehensive information about the needs and solutions for counseling in different faculties. If necessary, the contact person will direct you to an expert in the field of your research area.

Counseling is primarily intended for graduate students and other researchers working at the University of Turku. Counseling of master’s students is mainly done in connection with the teaching.

In case you need statistical counseling, please contact Jouko.

Preparing for counseling

Prepare and deliver in advance a one-page description of your problem, your data set and the questions to which an answer is sought. We always recommend that the supervisor of the dissertation would be present at the meeting. In this way, it is possible to find the right people to discuss your problem, to ensure efficient use of time, and to guarantee sufficient information flow between the different parties.

Specialized units also offering counseling