Statistical counselling

Contact: Lecturer Jouko Katajisto is the primary contact for those in need of statistical guidance and in charge of documenting the possible needs of different faculties conserning statistical counselling. You are able to visit him on Thursdays during 10-12 am on the 2nd floor of the building Quantum, room 283.

These hours are mainly reserved for post-graduate students and other researchers. Students doing their Masters degree are advised to seek their counselling over lectures or during the general meeting hours on Mondays at 14-15.

Necessary preparations: Prepare a short 1 page description about the problem you need help with and send it via email ( Consider the data you are working with and what kind of questions you want answered with it. We recommend bringing your dissertation supervisor along for the meeting. This way it is easier to find the right counsellors and make sure the flow of information is sufficient concerning all involved parties.

Specialized units also offering counselling: